InfoStore FAQ

  • Please note – this product is no longer sold.
  • When I try and import a csv file into a list node, I get the error “Field Count Exceeded” what is wrong?
    InfoStore upto and including version 1.02 requires csv files to be structured in a particular way, depending on whether the column is a number, in which case it would just be separated with a comma, or text with spaces, in which case it would be separated by a comma and quotes. The following is an example of a line in a csv file, containing 4 columns: 1,two,3,”4 including text with spaces”. The csv importing mechanism in future versions of InfoStore will be improved to allow for a more varied csv structure.
  • How do I use InfoStore back up files?
    InfoStore can be configured to create backup files in a directory of your choice. These backup files have an extension of “.b” and then a number e.g. “.b01” etc. To use these files, simply rename the file so that it has an extension of “.isd”
  • How do I get my Backup file back into InfoStore?
    There may be a number of backup files for InfoStore which can be found in C:\Program Files\InfoStore Pro\Backups\. The file to use is the one with the most recent modified date.
    To get your most recent backup file back into InfoStore you will need to rename the file in Windows Explore to Mystore.isd.
    Once you have done this open InfoStore and from the File Menu choose Open. Browse to the location of the Mystore.isd file and click OK. This will put all of your data back into InfoStore.